Manufacturing System Info


The MPS Modular System is a revolutionary, patented, highly efficient, low cost construction system that produces a precast concrete building shell which integrates walls and ceiling to form individual 3D modules (rooms) that can be linked with any number of other modules to form more complex building structures, to a height of up to 10 storeys. The system provides immense design flexibility and can incorporate specified ceiling and wall openings, windows, doors, conduits, services and insulation moulded directly within each module.

The MPS Modular System is ideal for repetitious building projects such as apartments, motels/ hotels, labour camps, housing units, age-care villas, student accommodation, site offices, industrial buildings and ski lodges – all built to the highest environmental specifications.

The MPS Modular System provides developers a highly flexible building system that delivers strength, cost and time savings, durability, thermal and acoustic efficiencies and provides structurally superior resistance to natural disasters.

How it works

Durable concrete, reinforced with steel, super-plasticised with a low shrinkage rate is poured into a pre made mould (like a cake tin) and when set, contains the main components of a structure (ie walls & ceiling or walls & floor), resembling a large scale child’s ‘building block’ like a hollow ‘Lego’ piece. These building blocks can then be simply arranged and stacked as rooms to create a self supporting building structure, up to 10 storeys high.

On larger scale projects the modules can be manufactured onsite and can be pre-fitted out with windows, doors, painting, electrical, carpentry etc, prior to being delivered to the building site, providing a highly efficient system that helps expedite the construction process. So much so that The MPS Modular System has achieved construction times up to 80% faster than conventional superstructure systems. From an environmental aspect this offers tremendous savings in energy and emissions, minimising double-handling.

The moulds can be manufactured to any practical size to suit the project’s needs and offers the most practical and cost effective build solution for the developer. For example for offsite manufacture where road transport is required, mould sizes may be restricted in size where as in larger projects where onsite manufacturing offers greater efficiencies, larger moulds can be manufactured.

The MPS Manufacturing System provides a proven, highly efficient all weather manufacturing facility that can be effectively relocated at the end of each project.

Flexible Design

The MPS System provides architects and developers endless design options with wall openings windows, doors and stairwells that can be pre-moulded into each module. Once onsite, the MPS modules are assembled according to the plans and the rest of the structure is added (roofing, veranda/s, floors, plumbing and finishing touches such as light fittings, final painting, tiles, carpet etc).

Delivery is achieved by placing the module on a semi-trailer which is then transported to the building site, or more energy efficient onsite manufacturing situations may be craned to site, where the foundation has been constructed. The module is then manoeuvred into position by a crane. Once all modules are placed, the final part of the construction is then completed.

Structural Properties

This patented system uses a hydraulically operated mould which is fully automated and operated so that it can be used many times over. It re-sets itself for daily use to within 2mm accuracy every time. It has been designed to be ‘foolproof’ so that the harshest site conditions will still enable a module to be poured on a daily cycle.

Penetrations and openings can be cast into the module or cut out later. The roof slab can also be moulded for stair openings, skylights, service ducts, lifts and the like. The MPS modules have even been inverted to provide a concrete base which can be utilised for a range of applications including usage as underground water tanks.

Module sizes can be made to order to suit your unique building and design requirements.

Collapsible Mould System

As concrete sets, it shrinks, like a cake in a tin. For this reason, it is very difficult to pour against a fully internal mould surface as the mould would have to be dismantled or destroyed to extract the unit.

MPS Manufacturing System’s unique, patented mould collapses internally to facilitate the removal of the module and allows the mould system to be used over and over again for repeated production. The mould is fully automated and hydraulically driven with fine tolerances to ensure accurate repetitious casting on a daily basis.

Acoustic & Thermal Ratings

Superior acoustic & thermal ratings are achievable especially when placing units adjacent to each other. Most accommodation classes of building acoustic and thermal requirements can be achieved with our standard build details.

Eco Friendly

Unlike traditional building methods that utilise precious raw materials that are highly wasteful, highly labour intensive and costly, the MPS System is a unique highly flexible 3 dimensional modular precast building system that utilises lean manufacturing processes to produce an eco-efficient, energy efficient, acoustically efficient, structurally efficient more durable, low maintenance building solution.

1. Less Waste: Tight control of quantities of materials and precise mix proportions mean optimum use of materials. Standard precast products such as beams, flooring, decks, road barriers and drainage products are manufactured in one type of mould that is used repeatedly. Recycling is more likely because production is in one place.

2. Environmentally Friendly: Precast concrete manufacturing uses less energy than is required for either structural steel frame components or glass curtain walling. Recycled supplementary materials such as fly ash and slag cement can be incorporated into precast concrete. One site precast construction creates less air pollution, noise and debris.

3. Durable and Low Maintenance: Maintenance and operating costs are low. Precast concrete is more durable than other materials.

4. Energy Efficient: Precast high thermal mass offers great thermal efficiency with both heating and cooling, which in turn saves energy.

5. Acoustic Benefits: Precast concrete features inherent sound-attenuation properties.

6. Minimal impact to the environment: As manufacturing occurs on one site, minimal impact to location.


Why choose precast modules over conventional building methods?


The MPS System delivers construction times up to 80% faster than conventional superstructure systems and is ideal for large and repetitions projects where onsite manufacturing delivers optimum benefits.


The inherent load bearing strength of each module means that multi-level constructions of up to 10 storeys can be economically and more safely achieved than using tilt slab or traditional practices. The system provides a highly flexible precast building system that is strong, durable, fire, termite, cyclone, water & bullet proof.


The self supporting system provides a safer work environment than traditional or tilt slab construction methods. Requiring no propping, brackets or expensive scaffolding.

Design Flexibility

The MPS System allows wall, door, window and ceiling openings to suit design requirements and modules can be arranged to create design structures including multi level.

Production Efficiency

One place production facilities utilise reusable automated moulds that can be adjusted to fit a range of openings and designated wall penetrations.

Onsite Fit Outs

Onsite factory controlled fit-outs such as windows, doors, joinery, insulation and even painting can be pre-installed prior to delivery to reduce onsite labour and construction times.

Surface Finishes

Due to the unique production methods, the quality of wall and ceiling finish means that dry wall plasterwork can in many instances be eliminated.

Thermal & Acoustic

The thermal and acoustic qualities of the modules are tremendous. Insulation being embedded within each concrete sandwich. High tech external finishes can further enhance efficiencies.


Both the MPS Systems and Technologies Mould Manufacturing Plants and the individual modules required can be ‘sustainably’ re-located to another location.

Wastage Free

Virtually wastage free, MPS Systems utilises lean manufacturing processes incorporating precise controls of mix formulations, materials and labour input.

Precise Engineering

The MPS System delivers a highly accurate end product to within 2mm of exact specifications.

Eco Friendly

Uses less energy than either structural steel frame components or glass curtain walling. Recycled materials such as fly ash and slag cement can be incorporated into the mix. One site construction creates less air pollution, noise and debris as well as eliminating energy intensive double handling and haulage.


MPS System offers faster construction times, and lower labour costs.