Design Concepts

House Designs

Standard House Designs

MPS Build Solutions has a suite of housing designs to suit many applications from remote area housing retirement villages, university developments and more. These designs are available for download below.

Sweetwater Village Designs

The design of the house layouts has been guided generally by principles of practicality, economy, sun orientation and the requirements imposed by the age and social situation of the aged.

House sizes range from 1 to 3 bedrooms + study + living/dining to give a range of accommodation styles.

Some blocks can have double on-site parking and at least one additional on-site visitor car park. The 11m blocks accommodate the same number of cars in tandem.

The sizes and widths of rooms, hallways and doorways allow for the unimpeded use of crutches and wheelchairs. All houses are accessible without steps.

Living/dining/kitchen areas are open plan and directly connected to a sunny and landscaped outdoor space at the rear.

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Classroom Concept

building blocks prefabrication

2 pre-cast concrete modules form the basic building structure and primary envelope to the classroom space.This means that building work on site can be significantly reduced as the modules are delivered to site and then craned into position.


The prefabricated pod incorporates a concrete roof which is covered with a series of simple galvanized roof trusses with colorbond roof sheeting.The air space between the colorbond and pod roof serves to naturally cool the
classroom by drawing through shaded air.Rainwater can be harvested if required by connection of a water tank

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