In 1997 our parent company was approached to develop a complete precast modular system for a bid on a prison project in Victoria. The brief was to develop a complete 4 sided cell with an integral concrete roof in the one pouring operation. The ideal was to reduce the number of components, erection time, joints etc. The initial models and trials were encouraging but unfortunately the consortium was unsuccessful in their bid.

However the development of the concept continued resulting in a prototype of old timber formwork moulds. It proved the technology worked and the prototype pieces were used to build 2 adjacent 3 storey townhouses in Norwood. After following the progress part of the original consortium team then recognised the potential for remote area construction at the WMC, Roxby Downs mine site redevelopment for office and laboratory accommodation. The project involved approximately 75 module and floor units. A very successful project which required the construction of new, steel and hydraulically operated precision moulds. This was the beginning of many projects.