Time is money in the construction game, anything new that can speed up the building process has to be considered.


Modular Precast System currently manufactures all module sizes. Module sizes can start from 3m wide to 14m long.


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Fire, flood, storm and termite resistant, the Pod System provides a fast, strong, flexible, low cost build solution for

MPS Concept Technologies & Solutions is based on advanced green sustainable 3D precast concrete blocks and concrete products:
Easy Concrete installation, Faster, Very Affordable, Stronger, Better.


The Modular Precast Pod System is a modular precast concrete manufacturer specializing in providing robust,innovative and sustainable building solutions to the construction industry.Modular Precast delivers the world’s most advanced 3 dimensional monolithic precast concrete building system offering substantial benefits and savings over traditional and slab construction methods.

The patented 30 monolithic Pod system is extremely responsive to architectural designs, highly efficient for repetitious projects and can be adapted to any situation from urban cities to more remote, isolated locations. When combined with other products such as Energy Star Infrared Heat Reflective Shield paint, Ecobulb lighting systems and grey water gravity operating technology provides an integrated sustainable approach to construction.


The Modular Precast Pod System is a modular precast concrete manufacturer specialising in providing robust, innovative and sustainable building solutions to the construction industry.

DHS Wangaratta

Victorian Government Social Housing: Nation Building MPS was awarded a position on the panel of pre-fabricated builders to manufacture and construct social housing for the Victorian Government, Department of Housing, in late 2009. The first house project was commenced in Wangaratta, VIC and is a

DHS Project

Victorian Government Social Housing: Nation Building

School Toilet Block

Super-fast Installation… MPS has manufactured two, three-module precast concrete toilet blocks for Joss Constructions in December 2008. The modules were installed at two schools in Granville and Elanora Heights in NSW. The three 7m modules combined with precast floors enabled the entire block to be

Regrowth Pod

The “Regrowth Pod” Prototype In March, 2009 MPS produced a prototype module for use as temporary accommodation by a family in Kinglake. The module was donated to the project with the help of a number of other suppliers and builders. 1:1 Architects designed the pod